BUSINESS FACTORS Affecting Market Share

Leading firms are Top 10% performers.  The rest are Average…

Is your average trying to compete with top performers?

Benefits of Focused Improvements

Relentless Cost Pressure – Pricing could be more Competitve?

  • Increasingly more Complexity & Risk?
  • Lead Time & Availability Irregular? – Need to be more consistent to be Competitive?
  • Reliably OnTime? – Customers want Consistently High Performance!
  • Inventory Levels HIgher than you would like, or need? = Trapped Cash!
  • Demand Variability keeps you Reactionary, Expediting 101 is a skill?

Time for a Change – Strategy Alignment Review ~ validate your Strategy Delivery Are you succesfully fulfilling your stated Business Objectives?
Transformational Results come from transforming your operation…

Complete the self-assessment review worksheet to review your current metric and readiness for getting started on transforming your business

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What Would It Mean to Your Business if YOUR;

  • lead time to deliver was less than your competition by more than 20%?
  • quality was consistently high with less than 1% Scrap?
  • inventory turns were high double digit?
  • cash turnover was less than 30 days?
  • supply chain allowed more flexibility to change schedule?
  • order fill rate was 99% within one day?
  • if your average inventory level was reduced by 15%-30% or more?
  • your manufacturing changeover capability was so robust, you never have to run large batches with extra inventory?
  • Your manufacturing or supply chain had greater flexibility?

Mastermind Group is about changing performance.  Supply Chain Pro 2 Know brings the expertise to fundamentally and sustainably improve performance, profit margin, and top line revenue.  Our approach is in working with your leadership and staff to develop the right improvements, to realize results quickly using best practices and effective application of LEAN, Six-Sigma and TOC tools to achieve your strategic objectives.  Your value proposition will improve through more effective Supply Chain Management skills, focusing on results quickly for you, your customers and your business partners.

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