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Core SCM Topics - Each 1 or 2 hr Webinar

Each presentation we will cover a CORE topic to improve your business, reduce cost, improve service, transformational change alignment, strategy delivery, project management and leadership. 

We’ll tackle a range of SCM topics including Stategic Sourcing, Flexible Planning, Visual Factory, Flow vs. MRP, improvement tools including LEAN, SixSigma and TOC concepts, Value Stream Mapping, Problem Solving tools, Supplier Selection and Supplier Quality & Relationship Management.  We’ll also explore more advanced concepts including Value Chain Design, Risk Manangement and Supply Chain Network Design issues, warehouse and distribution center planning, transportation issues and of course, Security.  If you are considering ERP upgrade, then Business Process Management will be critical topic for you to consider.  We’ll also touch on cutting edge tech approaches to show you where the industry is heading.

Each session you choose to join will be a 60 min webinar to participate in discussion on improving performance or brush up on CORE topics to make sure your execution is matcing your strategy objectives.

Members of our program service will enjoy discounted access, and it’s also very affordable for every guest – online.  See the page linked for a complete list of topics and access.