Our Work

These links provide Success Stories and Case Studies from our past work.  Client stories demonstrate how simple solutions have generated dramatic results.

Micro Motion Flow Meters

“Bob’s leadership on the five principles of lean and the systematic elimination of waste was instrumental in arriving at better than expected improvements.”

Gene Perkins, President

Mount Sopris Sensors

“The team of gurus including Bob Forshay have taken us to whole new level of lean!” – Thom Mandl, CEO, Mount Sopris Instruments

Fresca Foods

“We more than achieved our goal when we learned how to “see the waste”.  With the help of Bob Forshay, SupplyChainPro2Know, we are poised to far exceed our goal of 500% ROI.  We are developing significant cost savings and in a very short time frame.”

Lorenzo, Gonzalez – HMM Manager and CLM


“The challenges faced in planning and executing our high-tech SAN orders inside a 2-hour lead time were large obstacles.  Lean expert Bob Forshay and his leadership showed our team how to break down the process obstacles. We were able to increase revenue from our key account by $10M-$15M each quarter while also reducing costs.” Tim Swette – OEM Account Directo