3 Day SCM Mini MBA - Leadership Intensive Workshop



This course will is for advanced concepts to maximize flow and revenue in your supplychain as you explore the concept of a well-balanced supply chain.  Whether your factory floor or your supplier’s, you’ll learn dramatic new ways to move product and by that money faster.  You’ll study Least Total Cost using a LEAN business management approach to achieve Supply Chain industry best practices.  The focus will be on validating alignment of business process to strategy, identifying and reducing non and low value activities and to improve those that do add value.  Attendees will explore how effective planning impacts the overall cost of execution through better decision making.  The various elements of a supply chain will be broken down to explore the linkages that increase or impede value adding, looking closely at best in class performance.  This workshop style course includes a hands-on simulation exercise to create working models of typical supply chain challenges.  Improvement cycles designed by the groups during the simulation will be implemented to see the potential gains that are being left behind by using traditional business practices.  We’ll also use a web-based simulation platform to demonstrate the critical nature of collaboration and alignment for a business to achieve supply chain management leadership in the market.  This class requires at least 4 particpants to schedule the class.

Price – $1,995.00