CSCA - In-Person Certified Supply Chain Analyst - ISCEA

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Professional Certification that can increase your understanding, credibility and earning potential, AND for the Boss, increase profits!


CSCA is the program you want for all the participants who don’t manage your supply chain directly but who have a large impact indirectly.  Planners and buyers, Mfg Engineers, Cost Accountants, IT supoport etc.  This BASIC program is a “getting started” certification, OR, witout the exam, a perfect class to rasie the bar for the team.  This covers the funamentals with excellent pass rates in this practical Supply Chain Management certification class designed with you in mind.  We can do this in person or online with  Minimumof 4 participants.  Typically formatted to 8 sessions for 3 hours.  The In-Person class will be located according to location of majority of participants for a public class.  Private class will be at client site choice.  All materials are provided with advance assignments before start of class.

CSCA certification includes:

· 21 hours of classroom instruction by a Master Instructor

· Study Guide and Reprints of select core SCM topics

· 1 hour of review & a 2 hour online certification exam

This program from ISCEA, International Supply Chain Education Alliance is ideal for those just getting started in the supply chain career, seeking valuable certification.


“This course will arm you with the knowledge required to work more effectively with customers, suppliers, and co-workers”