Online Supply Chain Simulation - Teams of 4 Aligned PROactive S&OP

Online Supply Chain Simulation - Teams of 4 Aligned PROactive S&OP


Better Supply Chain decisions, reduce your cost, your risk, by planning proactively.  More closely aligned with your strategic objectives.  Colalborative Cross-functional Decisions.  REMOTE - ONLINE - No Travel, low cost with HIGH RETURNs.  You will apply your team decision to apply best practices and see real results very quickly.  Training with this dynamic web based simulation puts ZERO business at risk of mistakes and yields fast results in the real world.

Endorsed by MIT SCM program for over 10 years, this simulation training program is used by 40% of Fortune 100 firms globally.

Teams of 4 minimum form to collaborate remotely online.  No risk of COVID-19 yet effective use of your training budget.

Priced at $175 per person (min of 4) for up to 5 rounds of simulation including live instructor and coaching between sessions.  Sessions spaced for 2 week intervals allowing time for data analysis and decision making.  Perfomance scored based on ROI achieved in the simulation.

See this short video here;

See details of how it works here;

Easy to schedule multiple locations simultaneously while having remote teams compete within the firm. 

$175 per person, with min of 4 per team, $700 for teams.

If you are interested in this program, send an email so that we can book your teams using our schedule tool.  Best regards