APICS CPIM Part 2  In-Person, Certified Production Inventory Managemer

APICS CPIM Part 2 In-Person, Certified Production Inventory Managemer


APICS CPIM will help you bridge the skill gaps in your business planning and operations.  This really sets the baseline to get everyone on the same page.  We help you learn best-practice planning and scheduling, synchronizing all business functions to support the plan, Inputs from Demand Management, Production Planning, Capacity modeling, Inventory Planning and Control, Quality Management, Supplier and Customer Relationship Management, Change Management and Shop Floor Production Activity Control for MRP and detailed scheduling to maximize service while minimizing cost.  We cover Push and Pull processes, LEAN and Six Sigma Basics as well as TOC, Theory of Constraints to provide you with all the tools needed to be more effective.


CPIM Part 1 is the basics of supply chain management as an overview.  This is 30 hours

CPIM Part 2 is the more indepth study of the other 4 CPIM modules,  This is 50 hours

  • Strategic Management of resources
  • Master Planning or Resources
  • Detailed Scheduleing
  • Execution and Control of Operations


This CPIM Part 1 class is typicall formatted for 3 or 4 hours per weekday session, for 10 weeks or it can be delivered in Three 8 hour sessions on a Friday or Saturday for accelerated learners. The total class time is 30 hours.

The CPIM Part 2 class is typically formatted the same but is longer, 15 or 16 weeks.


We plan locations based on where most learners are traveling from for public classes to leverage a corporate host to keep the cost down.  Or for private classes, we shedule according to the client requirements.


Materials are provided in advance of start of class including advance assignments, a pre-class diagnostic test from the online study tools from APICS.  Also included is a slide book with course details and APICS dictionary.  The exam is purchased and scheduled separately with APICS directly.