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Profit = Sustainability, Value for Share/Stakeholders 
   *  People = Cultivate, Invest, Engage = A-Team Players   
   *   Planet  =  Using your business to make a difference   


Michelle, VP Operations

"We often seem to be selling more of some things, less of others, causing expediting and interruptions.  Add supply disruptions and costs run high while orders are delayed!"

Heather, Supply Chain Mgr

"Our business is affected more now with changing costs, long lead times, shortages, and quality is not always good.  We react by overstocking JIC inventory to cover the problems.  Costing more to keep customers happy!"

Dirk, Dir Purchasing

COGs keeps rising, lead times are getting longer, less reliable.  Warehouse and transportation costs are rising and capacity is constantly strained.  Have you seen the cost of a 40' container?  Does JIT still work?"

Profits follow Standardized Process.  Process is done by People with excellent skills.  Invest in People to Improve your Bottom Line AND Top Line.  More value to customers drives market share and productive, happy staff.  We show you how to Grow   Profit ~ People ~ Planet

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